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World Class Travel Writer With Taste For Adventure & Exotic Women


My government name is Ian Alexander Trimble. I am of mixed parentage. I am sometimes looked at as a wetback. It really doesn't bother me. When I am in the US, I am too short, when I am in Asia, they say I'm vietnamese. When I am in Central America, they say "Pura Vida" and let me on my merry way. The point is, I would like to be a spy. Soon I will be a vagabond. Traveling the world and working as a TEFL teacher, Website Designer, Traveling Clown, PC Technician, Autocad Drafter, and in general, a WORLD CLASS PIMP.

Currently, the 9-5 is at the Northland Company. We are consultants in land development. Our specialty is land development in flood plain lots, or reclaiming land for cheap and making a buck 6 months down the road. Do I feel bad about chopping down trees ? Well, people have to live somewhere. Sometimes the job gets booring, sometimes it is fun, many times it is laid back.

Why do I want to be a world traveler you ask ?.... well the answer is quite simple. I have the bug. The travel bug. It consumes me day and night. It seems like forever before I get to travel. It is just something that I truly love doing. Everything else is filler, my true love for the moment is travel.

It is always sad to leave such good friend behind. In fact, I wish I could take them all with me. They all bring something special, and make me who I am today.

I would like to be able to travel to new places, get jobs, then come back and earn money, then go back out and see more of the world. I will be starting an Ian Travel Fund Pretty Soon... so please contribute. I am talking about pennys at most.

As I travel, my biography will grow... kind of like my willy... aka PERRY !!

Oh yeah... by the time I am 30.. I want to have God's Son across my chest.. like NAS !!.. the realest rapper.

Shout Outs:
Alex... AKA Marmaduke, Shaved Ape Robot
Joe.... AKA Lil Joe, Lil Skeet Skeethan, Josepi
Daniel... AKA DJ Cornbread, Applejack, & Doyle
Sandy... AKA Coacoa Pebbles
Brittany.. AKA "Why are you so mean ?"
Allen & AKA Queen B, Cruella Dearest
Trey.... AKA Treybein
Lindsay... AKA "Lay-Z", Smartass, ADD
Patrick... AKA "MEAT" , Nasty Dancer, Amfernee
Trey... AKA Norwood, Norweisha
Jasmine... AKA Jimbob "5000"
McMoms.. AKA McMoms

If there is anybody I forgot..... shit happens !!

I'm AUDI 5000


Travel, TEFL, Blogs, Working Out, Asian Movies, Bad Dancing, Comedy, Futurama, Family Guy, Autocad, Writing, Jean-Claude Van Damme impressions, Looking Good, Juggling One-Eyed Virgins, Vagabonding, being a critic, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), Public Speaking, Joking Around, Being sarcastic, having fast come backs, AIM, Sleeping during church, Miller Lite, Vodka & Redbull